Here are some bands that have recorded at Crunchtone Studios…

The Hedons- Fuzz/Stoner Rock

Tracked and Mixed by Jeff Kaleth, Mastered by Ed Littman, Produced by The Hedons (Robert Ryan Strawsma, Jeff Kaleth, Jace Epple)

Released Digitally and Physically through Bandcamp

The Heavy Company- Psychedelic Rock

Tracked and Mixed by Jeff Kaleth, Mastered by Massimiliano Giorgini, Produced by The Heavy Company (Ian Gerber,Robert Ryan Strawsma, Jeff Kaleth)

Released Digitally through Bandcamp

Necropharmacon- Stoner, Doom

Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered by Jeff Kaleth, Produced by Necropharmacon (Mike Naish, Colin Richard, Jeff Kaleth, Kris Arnold)

Released Digitally through Bandcamp

Sleepbringer- Doom

Drums tracked by Jeff Kaleth. Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Sleepbringer (Rob Lemen, Mike Downton, Mike Naish, Colin Richard)

Released Digitally through Bandcamp

Huffaluphagus- Electronic, Supertronica

Released Digitally through Bandcamp

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Summer 2011 Promo- 3 song band demo for $200.

Includes 8 hours of tracking, mixing, and vocal overdubs.

Ask about professional analog mastering

Track and Mix Engineer- Jeff Kaleth

Analog Mastering Engineer- Ed Littman

Producers- Jeff Kaleth, Robert Ryan Strawsma

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