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Necropharmacon- “Prisoner of Experience” Released 2010

Necropharmacon’s Album “Prisoner of Experience” was tracked, mixed, and mastered at Crunchtone Studios. The album was completed in March of 2010. Their only official release is now available for free on Bandcamp! They played there last show at The Melody

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Crucnhtone Studios Recording Equipment

Crunchtone Studios houses a variety of professional recording, monitoring, and amplification equipment to capture the perfect tone for your recording project. Mackie Onyx 1640i 16 Channel Analog/Firewire Mixing Console. Presonus HP 60 Six Channel Headphone Mixer w/custom headphone mix capability.

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New mixing console!

We’ve added a Mackie Onynx 1640i to the studio. 16 channels of firewire enabled input and output.

Summer 2011 Promo- 3 song band demo for $200.

Includes 8 hours of tracking, mixing, and vocal overdubs.

Ask about professional analog mastering

Track and Mix Engineer- Jeff Kaleth

Analog Mastering Engineer- Ed Littman

Producers- Jeff Kaleth, Robert Ryan Strawsma

Email- Phone- 317-294-3883 Facebook-